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Hey, guys welcome all on Linux command line tutorial for beginners. Now the first question you may ask yourself is why bother about learning the command line so the simple answer for this question is graphical user interface or GUI interface

Like this one is helpful in many tasks but they are not good for all tasks and gradually. when you learn command line you will observe that you are able to do your day-to-day tasks or any tasks related to some programming much faster than you can do with your graphical user interface.

Now the graphical user interface is user friendly you know at the first look but when you want to do more about a program, for example, knowing the details about what’s happening in the background. Then you may want to use command line because by using the command line you know all the background details of a program right now before diving into the world of Linux command line you need to learn two terms one is the Shell and the second is the Terminal.

Now, what is the shell “shell is a program that takes command from the keyboard and gives them to the operating system to perform right now” a command-line or shell you can also say it’s a ‘CLI’ CLI stand for a command-line interface.

Now the second term is the Terminal A terminal is a tool that you can use to pass your shell commands this is a program that opens a window and lets you interact with the shell.

Now there are different operating system available for Linux such as Kali Linux, ubuntu, arc Linux etc… but I will be using Kali Linux operating system. You can install any Linux distribution on your native Windows operating system also using VMware Player or VirtualBoxwhich are virtual machine on which you can host your Linux operating system.

So I will be using the Kali Linux operating system but you are free to use any other Linux operating system and Terminal commands are all same or almost the same on all you know Linux based operating system now on Kali Linux how you can open our Terminal

Open Terminal in Linux

It’s really easy so you just need to go to “Search bar” and then just search for “Terminal” so just write Terminal and the first icon you will find here is your Terminals when you click it. It will open the terminal.

Right now there is one command to open our terminal also which is a keyboard shortcut when you press “ctrl + alt + T” it will also open our terminal. So this is the shortcut for opening the terminal now once you are in the terminal then you can perform a bunch of commands.

But before this, we need to understand what is a filesystem and how you know these filesystem work in Linux right so like all other operating systems the files on Linux system are also arranged in what we called a hierarchical directory structure which means that they are organized in a tree-like pattern of directories.

In Windows, there are no directories as folders also now directories may contain files or other directories also now the most you know the root or basic directory in Linux is the root directory and under this directory all files and folders are residing.

Now I will use this graphical interface to show you this filesystem of Linux so I will just go to files and I will open this and then I will go to this computer so just click this option which says computer and this is your root folder.

File System In Linux

And root folder start from this forward slash you can see here and then all the directories inside this root folder

For example “home Lib or a bin” which contains all the binaries of your Linux operating system and other folders which we learn later, Right so every Linux operating system has this root folder and under which all the files are inside.

Now let’s start our Linux command line journey now the first command you may want to learn is the


PWD Command

the command which is a present working directory command and this shows you in which directory you are currently in so let’s give the PWD command so just give PWD and press Enter and it says home/”your directory path”. So whenever you will open a terminal by default the present working directory is your home directory which is home/ “your user name”

Right now if you want to go to the root folder what you need to do so if you want to go to the root folder there is a command called

cd Command


which is a change directory command we will learn this change directory command in details in later but I will just show you how it works so just give “cd and then give forward slash” just press enter and then we will be in the root directory so once again when you press a PWD command and press Enter then you can see we are now in the root directory

ls Command


The other command is ls which is list this command also we are going to learn in detail in the next. But let’s see how it works ls is to list all the files and directories in the present working directory. So just give ls and press ENTER and it will show the preview of your directories and files.

All the files and folders you will be able to find here in this user interface as you can see in the terminal also which are listed by using this ls command.

Ok so I think that’s it for Today’s secession in the next Article we will start our journey with Linux command line and we will learn the basic command and we will gradually move to the advanced stuff so I hope you enjoyed this Info please rate comment and follow on social media bye for now


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